TIBCO’s API Mashery

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TIBCO’s API Mashery has made it feasible for companies to provide excellent customer service as well as create, analyze and manage APIs in a secure and scalable environment. Fortunately, expertise at iTechtions educate clients on how to use API Mashery, helping clients capture the right information at the right times through interconnection with its current integration platform.

TIBCO API Mashery is able to:

  • Help its clients deliver high productivity and actively monitor the API lifecycle, which incorporates activities such as cloud data, creating API’s, choreography, transformation, managing partners, managing
  • Traffic, productize APIs and, analytics
  • Make sure the needs of developers and applications using the API are being met and handled effectively
  • Automate and control connections between an API and the applicants who use it
  • Provide a codeless developer environment, as well as B2B partnerships, developer engagement, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile access

The several advantages of API have allowed more than 175 companies, a few being Dubber Pty Ltd, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Sabre and USA TODAY, to have great experiences. Dubber Pty mentions how API Mashery “has been on
e of the smoother integrations/ implementations they’ve been involved in over the last 20+ years” and how it has been “a great achievement for both Mashery and Dubber teams.” Other success stories involve exceptional customer service, such as customers in a Best-Buy store being able to use the barcode of any product and find out on the spot if they have adequate Citi-Reward points from Citibank.  Redundancy, internal innovation, and long-term viability can be achieved with API, and expertise at iTechtions can educate your company about this database and enable you to explore any number of emerging channels.




The top 3 Ingredients used to Retain Tech Talent

We`re living the in 21st century, a time where IT professionals are in high demand by employers and that’s the recipe for an increasingly competitive market. We’re living in a time where five generations of employees are sharing office space, but employers are still in need to start humanizing their workplace, and that can be achieved with the help of the tech-savvy millennials today.  So how do we retain this tech talent?

Simple: Build a supportive work environment, help employees excel in their careers and finally, provide a competitive compensation package.

Work environment:Image result for work environment

Millennials are hard to satisfy, especially with a boring work environment that doesn’t fulfill their needs. As Forbes mentions, that`s where the innovation or the “Go big and innovative“ come into play. This is a generation that likes working from home, spending time with family and showing off their competitive skills within the workforce.  This is the point where millennials prefer working in an innovative work-space, mainly developing a culture that respects the employees’ life and family. Employers should be offering their employees job security, through the provision of flexible work schedules and work-from-home options. Not only are they in need of a supportive work environment, employers need to go back to basics. Work place should be optimistic and far from toxic, which can be achieved through employee motivation and minimizing conflict when dealing with team dynamics.

Providing an opportunity for career growth:

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Candidates are looking to grow in their careers, which emphasizes the idea that employers should start realizing that promotion isn’t the only way to retain tech talent within the workforce.  One of the main things these tech-savvy millennials want in a job is career growth opportunities. Employers can make this feasible through the provision of performance reviews, job shadowing as well as providing encouragement and support. Performance reviews can help employees gain some feedback, perfecting what they’re doing right and minimizing the incorrect approach. With that being said, job shadowing can enable employees to observe and gain perspective when completing tasks. Finally, encouragement and support will cause employees to perform with the best of their ability as well as increase motivation within the workforce.

Providing a competitive compensation package:

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Of course, most people aren’t motivated solely by money. However, it is still important for an employer to realize that a competitive pay is crucial for employee skill and knowledge. Employers can always step it up by incorporating performance and project based bonuses within their budget. This can help enable reward and recognize tech talent within the workforce.